2023 Ground Saturation Leading into Hurricane Season

2023 has been a wet year. We have had several storms that barely give the ground enough time to drain. This is concerning because if we are hit with a hurricane, we are likely to suffer from flooding. According to climate experts, 2023 is an El Niño year. We can expect more rain throughout the year. Hopefully this is sufficient to reduce the number of hurricanes in the gulf.

However, if this is not the case, I would urge the Texans to prepare for the possibility of floods in 2023. We are just talking about the possibility of having water into your home, it may not come to that. The trouble is that flooding would delay crews from repairing power lines, this could result in loss of power for days.

In south Texas, at the very least we have experienced several storms that include hail and high winds. This is far more than we would normally experience in any year. Hail in South Texas is rare and infrequent.