Announcing the Texas Hive Community

"Write what you know."

This is often the advice given to aspiring writers. This advice helps the writer choose what to write about with the least amount of friction. It also helps to be more certain and authoritative about the writing. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has limited our ability to travel and experience the world. It is difficult to write about a city you have never visited. If there is one thing that we do know, however, is about several places in Texas.

For this reason, we are glad to be a part of the Texas Community on Hive.

The Texas Community will be a great place to share posts about attractions in Texas we have visited. Most of our family vacations are spent exploring the Lone Star State. This is mostly because it takes forever to drive out of Texas.

We look forward to participating in the Texas Community and meeting other Texans, as well as aspiring Texans. ;-)

You are invited to join us there. Hope to see you there.