Breaking New Ground for RGV Media

I am very pleased to start a new blog with old roots here on Steemit. RGV Media is a rebranding of my old alter ego, RGV Life, which was problematic due to inconsistency in the domain name and the user names on social media websites.

My original intent for RGV Life was to share a personal point of view of the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. Over time, the blog evolved into a slightly more journalistic endeavor. I covered local events and political races. In the heyday of blogging, RGV Life opened up many doors which landed non-blogging opportunities.

One thing that never really worked out was monetization. Even at its height, RGV Life was an expensive hobby. Granted, it was one that had a ton of other advantages, which include making friends with some of the local media and PR folks, politicians, and business owners. Given how personally enriching the experience was, I do at times feel sad about having stopped writing.

There is no point feeling sad about it, however. I could simply pick up where I left off, and make a few tokens in the process. I spent the weekend working up the new domain name, email, and renamed Twitter account. I have decided to keep Twitter as it had the most followers. Starting off cold is rough. Having an existing audience makes the endeavor less of an uphill battle.

With all that backstory said, I am happy to restart this old endeavor. New name. Fresh start. Let's start making media!

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