Chalupas / Tostadas For Lunch

Today, we have had a very simple food, which our family enjoys. Depending on where you live, they can be called chalupas. I grew up calling the tostadas.


Essentially, you use a flat tortilla that has been fried or baked to make it stiff. I prefer the baked ones. What goes on then is very much what you would put in tacos 🌮, except they’re flat.

We like tostadas probably because we love tacos. More than that, everybody has a chance to build their own according to what they like.

In the photo, we used store-bought tostadas. Then I spread refried beans as a base layer. Shredded chicken 🍗 . Lettuce 🥬. Cheese 🧀. And some jalapeño salsa.

Like I mentioned. It is extremely simple. It is extremely satisfying too. Personally, I’m enjoying some Pinot Grigio 🍷 with my meal.