Easy Like Sunday Morning

We attended the 10 AM Mass. We aren’t regular church-goers. But, sometimes, we get the bug to go for a few weeks. One of the benefits of going to church on Sundays is that it breaks up the monotony of just being. You get out of the house. Sunday breakfast is usually awesome. It’s a bit of a reward for the effort of going to church.

Sometimes we’ll brave the crowd to eat at a diner. It’s nice to have a late breakfast. But, the prospect of waiting for a table puts us off. Sunday shouldn’t be work, right?

Instead, we stop at HEB to pick up a pound of barbacoa or some menudo to have breakfast at home. I don’t know if they only do this in South Texas or all over. We usually also pick up a warm stack of fresh corn tortillas and some salsa.

Today, we included some refried beans. HEB has some good varieties. I like the refried beans with jalapeño. They are good as a bed for other taco ingredients on your tortilla. But, they are also a good bean dip to eat with chips.

After breakfast, we may read a book, listen to music, or take a nap. Nothing urgent happens on Sunday. Hopefully everyone has enough sense to save the drama for the rest of the week.

If you do any work, there’s no rush. You have all day. Take it nice and slow.

Life is good when you make the time to enjoy it. Sunday is built for that. Take it nice and easy.