Sunday breakfast

I don't know if HEB in other parts of the state do this. Here in the RGV, the HEB has barbacoa and menudo for sale. The combo includes tortillas, salsa, and a liter of soda. It's a quick ride to go buy a pound of barbacoa for breakfast.

barbacoa and salsa norteña

HEB also has Charro Beans and Borracho Beans. Just today, I discovered BBQ Beans with sauce. I haven't tried them yet. It says they have beef and bacon. Can't go wrong there.

HEB brand beans

We'll fry up a couple eggs, side of beans, and a side of barbacoa. You can end Sunday right there.

But, in case you want to keep going, HEB also sells what they call ceviche. It's tiny shrimp mixed with pico de gallo. I take this stuff home and mix it with some lime and cocktail sauce. It is the best. We usually eat this after lunch on saltine crackers.

ceviche from HEB

If I had to complain about anything, it's that I forgot to buy beer for later. But, that's easily remedied.