We got some rain

It has been over 100F for weeks. I can't wait until the dog days of summer are over. Today, out of the blue, we had some rain. It was unexpected because the heat has been dry heat. Usually, when it's going to rain, it gets muggy.


The last time we had a summer like this was back in 2016, more or less. It was day after day of 100+ degree weather. Since then, we've had rather mild summers with the occasional two or three day streak of temps over 100.

This makes me wonder how things will work out in terms of hurricanes. We started the season with Gulf of Mexico water at a higher than normal temperature. That energy has to go somewhere.

I think we should start working on emergency supplies. I think I'll pick up a couple of bottles of propane this weekend, just in case we need to fire up the generator. And, if we finish the season without a storm, I'll just have to barbecue.